India B. Gomez, Ph,D., Director
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY30098)

B.A. in Psychology, Sonoma State University
M.A. & Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) / Alliant International University
Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy, California School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Experience
My experience includes working in a variety of settings including school-based health, residential treatment, and community mental health with clients of all ages. I worked at Native American Health Center (Oakland, CA) as a predoctoral intern and postdoctoral fellow/registered psychologist in the outpatient clinic providing psychotherapy, case-management, and testing/assessment. I also provided integrated behavioral health services (IBH) in the medical clinic.

I currently own and run my own private practice as a licensed clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy, personal and professional coaching, testing/assessment, consultation and supervision in the San Francisco Bay Area/East Bay/throughout California. I provide services in the office, on the ranch (for equine assisted therapy and coaching), and digitally.

Relevant Research
Dissertation: Evaluating a Program of Equine Therapy for Veterans with PTSD Symptoms. (2016).

I have been a life-long lover of horses and started riding horses at age 7. My equestrian pursuits include liberty training, classical dressage, trail riding, and equine body work/wellness. I purchased my first horse when I was in graduate school as a 2-year-old and brought him along through his phases of development and training with consultation from friends and experts. He is a wonderful partner for my own equestrian pursuits and as a therapy horse.

Lauren Matters, Equine Therapist

As herd animals horses desire safety and connection, even with humans. When working toward a relationship, their honest and immediate responses allow us to explore our learned patterns shaped by life experiences and improve our ability to self regulate emotions and impulses. Clarity uncovered when in connection with horses can aide in the creation of healthy, new adaptive behaviors by improving attunement and connection to the self and others. Horses teach us about choice and consent- we can control our reactions but we cannot control another being in a relationship or external circumstances.

Lauren’s approach to lessons and therapy draws deeply from a background combining equine body work, yoga training, equine therapy, clinical psychology, and three day eventing. The subtle alchemy of these elements create a container in which to observe the individual’s relationship with the world. While completing her PhD at CSPP and dual certification in Natural Lifemanship’s program for Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Lauren’s yoga career takes her around the world to share the joy of connection through mindful play. In all that she does, her research is guided by an understanding of cognitive health, somatic experiencing, and the efficacy and application of trauma focused therapies.